NZOZ JO - MED is a multi-specialized outpatient clinic established and guided by doctor Aziz Joya. The beginnings of the clinic's activity reach many years., when due to a registration in the Wroclaw Provincial Office, the NZOZ JO - MED clinic began providing open medical services in the range of basic and specialist medical care, carrying out contracts signed with National Health Fund (the NFZ) in Wroclaw. Additionally, NZOZ JO MED offers payable medical services.

Aziz Joya Manager of NZOZ JO - MED
The priority of the activity of NZOZ JO - MED is to provide medical services of health protection within the confines the NFZ contract to the insured inhabitants of Świeradow Zdrój and surrounding districts, and also to the citizens of the European Union possessing the European Insurance Card the EKUZ.

Those patients, who do not have a valid health insurance, are provided with payable medical services.

NZOZ JO MED's activity provides its patients with basic as well as specialist medical care. In the range of the Basic Healthcare ( the POZ) there function following sections: internal, paediatric and general. Within the confines of Ambulant Specialist Care ( the AOS) we run following clinics: neurological, the general surgery, otolaryngological, gynecological, the circulatory diseases and anti - nicotine one. Apart from the above we provide pulmonological - alergological and rheumatological consultations. NZOZ JO - MED offers also examinations for drivers and candidates for drivers as well as for instructors and examiners. As regards possessed entitlements it is possible to issue medical certificates for the needs of Social Security or Committee Deciding About Degree of Handicap.

Within the confines of diagnostics the NZOZ JO - MED carries out USG examinations of abdominal cavity, audiometric, spirometrical tests, evaluation of flow in blood vessels - as well as different examinations in the range of prophylaxis and promotion of health.

NZOZ JO - MED takes care of the quality of performed medical services. Constantly growing number of patients as well as opening the new specialist clinics prove its successful activities. New investments aim at improving standards of services and convenience of our patients, including purchase of medical equipment and apparatus, repairs and modernizations.

We kindly invite to use the services of our outpatient clinic and helpful staff, but first of all, we encourage everyone to enroll to our outpatient clinic.